What access data do I need, if I want to access my database?

To be able to access your database, for example, if a database query is supposed to be executed over a script, you will need the MySQL access data. You need the server name/host name, the user name, the database name and the database password. Please use the selected database name of your database as user name and enter the selected password of the database as password.

The database name of your database always has the format db123456_1 („letters db“ „6- digit number“ „underscore“, followed by another multi-digit number).
The server name/host name to be used is dependent on the MySQL version of the corresponding database:


database name: db123456_1
username: db123456_1
password: xxxxxxxxxx
host: mysql5.your-domain.ch

If you get an error in database connection (“Error Establishing a database connection” or similar one), kindly check your connection settings for the database connection.
Please avoid to use the IP address of your server and the port 3304.

You have to set the appropriate host name as described below. Avoid using the IP address of your server and port 3304 !

Set your hostname as follows. The names of the files can be different for each CMS. In WordPress you can modify it in the file wp-config.php.

Setze Sie dafür – wie unten beschrieben – prüfen Sie bitte Ihre Einstellungen für den Hostnamen. Vermeiden Sie bitten, die IP-Adresse Ihres Servers und den Port 3304 zu benutzen.

  • for mySQL5:
    • mysql5.your-domain.ch or
  • for mySQL4:
    • mysql4.your-domain.ch or
  • for mySQL3:
    • mysql5.your-domain.ch or

(please your your DOMAIN instead of above mentioned term your-domain.ch)

Please check your user account (navigation menu “MySQL Data Base”) to figure out, which mySQL version you are using.

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