LINK: DOMAIN with Office365

Click on  “Add new entry” Choose a type of “txt” and specify the destination as specified by Microsoft “MS = ms1234567” After saving the entry becomes active after about 30 minutes. However, please note that there are many worldwide nameservers Read on! →

LINK: DOMAIN with Google Mail

Click for every new entry on “new entry” and enter the following data: * MX 1 MX 1 * MX 5 MX 5 * MX 5 MX 5 * MX 10 Read on! →

How do I configure the product LINK?

Requirement: You already need to own an active hosting product of ours (like WEB, LINK or MAIL) Firstly you need to assign your hosting product to your DOMAIN: Click on “Assign” on the home page of your user account, to Read on! →

LINK: simple forwarding of a DOMAIN

A redirection is directly set up on the name server. Especially for this function we offer the option LINK. If you already own a switchplus hosting product, you don’t need the option LINK. Click in the navigation on “WEB ADMIN” and Read on! →

LINK: Name-Server Configuration

Click in the navigation on “WEB ADMIN” and choose “Basic Configuration” Click on the icon to the right next to the DOMAIN Select “Edit Name Server” Click on the icon to the right at the DOMAIN You can edit and Read on! →

LINK: DOMAIN with Jimdo

Enter both fields with type “A” as the goal, the “IP Address”,  on which your website with Jimdo is hosted. You can find out this IP address as follows: Open the Windows command Enter the command nslookup (replace “username” Read on! →