Conversion from YOLA HomePageTool to the product Tool

As part of our hosting services we have always offered the product WEB with the free-of-charge HomePageTool included. In the future we will be offering our HomePageTool under the new name TOOL and offer it separately and not in combination with the product WEB anymore. For all customers who have create a website with TOOL, nothing will change – they can still modify their page for CHF 99.- a year using TOOL. If you have created two websites, it will cost you CHF 89.- per website. With three or more sites, it will cost you CHF 79.- for each additional website. With the change on May 5th 2016, we will rename the product to TOOL. Your current subscription period will remain the same. All changes will be implemented with the renewing of your subscription period.

If you don’t want to use the HomePageTool anymore, you are kindly requested to deactivate it in your user account. Thanks!

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