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Deactivating MySQL3 & 4 and PHP4 & 5 in 2019


We are updating our platform to improve security:

  • from mid-January 2019 it will no longer be possible to use phpMyAdmin for processing MySQL3 and MySQL4 databases
  • you need to convert these databases to MySQL5..
  • PHP4 and PHP5 will also be discontinued in 2019

The deactivation of the currently used phpMyAdmin is due to unavailable updates and lack of system compatibility after the platform update.

It is part of our extensive initiative to constantly update all systems and keep them up to date.

What happens to MySQL3 and MySQL4 databases?

After the platform update the access via phpMyAdmin to MySQL3 and MySQL4 databases is not possible anymore. For security reasons, MySQL3 and MySQL4 will be completely shut down at some point in 2019.

What happens to PHP4 and PHP5?

In 2019 there will also be a discontinuation of the PHP4 and PHP5 versions. In the future you will only be able to select PHP7.X for your domains. Again, these versions will be deactivated due to unavailable updates and possible security vulnerabilities.

When will MySQL3/4 and PHP 4/5 be deactivated?

The exact dates for the deactivation of MySQL 3/4 and PHP 4/5 will be communicated on time in separate messages.  In your own interest you are kindly requested to avoid using the old databases and PHP versions and choose more updated versions and standards.

Are there going to be other changes?

We are working on updating all systems so that we can turn off old versions in the near future. We are aware that these updates will lead to more effort on your side. However, we kindly ask for understanding these measures since we have to eliminate old and outdated software from our systems for your and our secuirty.

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