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General information and reminders

Invoicing and payment reminders

Please note that switchplus sends all invoices to you via the shipping path you have selected in your user account. There are two ways available; Invoice on paper at an extra cost, or Invoice via email.

The first as well as the second payment reminder will be sent to you by switchplus via e-mail.

If your payment for the subscription renewal is not received and you have not cancelled your subscription within the cancellation period, switchplus will no longer renew your products.

We are aware that it usually happens without bad intent if a payment has not reached us.

We do not like to do this – but out of fairness towards paying customers we send a 3rd reminder by post (registered letter) after the second reminder. The reminder fees amount to CHF 30.00 as compensation for the expenses incurred by switchplus. If your payment is still not made, switchplus assigns the claim to the debt collection company eCollect AG, Chaltenbodenstrasse 16, 8834 Schindellegi.

Do you have any questions about our invoicing procedure?
Contact our customer care.

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