28. January 2015

New website for the new year? No problem with Yola!

Why choose Yola for your new website?

There are many different homepage kits around but it’s difficult to find one that has not only a stylish designs and handy functions but also one that will fulfil your personal needs

With YOLA – our favourite HomePageTool – you can quickly and easily create your own new website without having any background knowledge! Simply choose a professionally designed template and drag your desired widgets and plugins onto your page – DONE

That’s how you will create slideshows, chats, online scheduling, surveys and more in no time – even your own eShop!

Did we spark your interest?
You can try it today by opening a free-account on the Yola website and explore our favourite HomePageTool

You can find further information on the topic and on how to create a new website on our knowledge database TOOL – einfach zur professionellen Webseite.