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Does Swizzonic support the DNSSEC of my .ch-DOMAIN?

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are a series of Internet standards that extend the Domain Name System (DNS) by safety mechanisms to ensure the authenticity and integrity of data. A DNS participant can very that the received DNS zone data is actually identical to those, authorized by the creator. DNSSEC was developed as a tool against Cache Poisoning. It ensures the safe transfer of resource records via digital signatures. There is no server or client identification.

Swizzonic supports the signing of domains with DNSSEC. This service is available for both .ch/.li domains as well as all other TLDs that support DNSSEC.

If you want the DNSSEC signature, you can send us the following data:

  • Die DNSKEY (Key Signing Public Key), namely the KSKs and/or ZSKs
  • DS Key (Zone Signing Public Key)

We will verify the data and transfer it to the registry.

A User-Interface is planned and should be available by the first quarter of 2018.

Questions regarding the topic of DNSSEC can be asked via